Mountain bike trough the years Part 1

The first mountain bike was produced by Joe Breeze in 1977. in Marin, California. Even this statement is subject to clarification in several directions. Firstly, note that it was a "made" - not in the sense of mass production, but in any case the bike was assembled precisely with the idea to mountain biking (although the name to appear a little later). Attempts to adapt the bicycles to get to ride on rough terrain, however, began several years earlier, again in California, to finally get to the first Breezer.

Many of you in the youth age must have bullied their old bikes on dirt roads near the cottages and are really like the thrill of jolting on the stones. The situation was hardly different in California and 30-something years. The difference came when in the early 70s (20c.) Began to form groups of grown-up people who experienced strange inspiration for other than to downhill biking on dirt roads and trails. (Incidentally, it may sound strange, since the middle of last century in the United States appeared ban for cyclists to ride on the trails in the wild). This forced them their passion to change the wheels, putting them wide "ballonets" tires and sometimes speeds (though most of them used a bike with only one gear). The brakes were drum or a "counter." One of the most famous roads downhill from that time was called "Repack" (can be translated roughly as "recharge"), because a descent it was enough to end the grease brake, then imposed Her replacement.

Enthusiasts are picked up from time to time in the mountains, they were not at all small. Among them were professional cyclists who competed on the road. Here I will mention the names of several people who subsequently marked the early development of mountain biking: Joe Breeze, Gary Fisher, Charlie Kelly, Tom Ritchey, Mike Siniard (Specialized company he founded in 1974.), Otis Guy and others.