Mountain bike trough the years Part 3

In 1983 it was established NORBA (National Off-Road Bicycle Association), which began to organize competitions in mountain biking in the US. A little later, in 1988. was created and IMBA (Internatioanal Mountain Bike Association). It was she who organized the first World Cup mountain biking, held in Dyurango, Colorado in 1990. It included competitions in cross-country and downhill. The first champions were: Ned Ouvarend (cross-country, men) Juliana Furtado (cross-country, women), Greg Herbold (downhill, men) and Cindy Devine (downhill, women).
Subsequently, the organization of competitions in the world is assumed by UCI (World Cycling Federation), which until then had been dealing mostly with road championships and IMBA focuses on protecting the rights of mountain bikers and expand their access to more trails (including through the construction and maintenance thereof). The next most significant step in racing terms is the inclusion of mountain bike (discipline cross-country) family of Olympic sports. This happened in 1996. the Olympic Games in Atlanta, where champions are Brentzhens Bart (Netherlands) in men and Petso Paola (Italy).

In the 90 years mountain biking is developing at such a pace that it is impossible to record all novelties. At this time mountain biking already dominate market share in the US and Western Europe, which naturally directs efforts to minimize costs producers to develop new technologies precisely for him. Began mass use of suspension (front first and then the rear), entering new ultra-modern materials, some of which have recently been developed for military purposes, introduces proven technology of motocross and other areas. Etc., etc .... (if anything should be detailed, will probably get a whole encyclopedia for mountain biking, which is working for a team of at least 20 people). The main two subjects ran three - dual / mountain cross, freeride and Tryon, plus some variants thereof (urban, Dirt Jumps, etc., That went into the general category of Freeride, although their roots are rather in VMH- a) which quickly gained popularity, especially among the more "hotheads". Especially for freeride you can say that in recent years this type of riding broaden understanding of mountain biking, displacing once again the limits of the possible. But it is already present, why not stop here. The future certainly lies more interesting things that, life and health, we will see.