Mountain bike trough the years Part 2

In 1976 it was organized the first race "Repack", which involved 10 people. Subsequently been made several similar descents on rough terrain, which gathered more interested lovers of cycling. Them they except that showed his madness, and exchanged views on what should be appropriate for such a bike ride.

That same 1976 Craig Mitchell made a special custom wheel Charlie Kelly, which last descent on rough terrain. This mountain bike with chrome-molybdenum frame (when this material was used only in high-end road runners) tires grabs speeds Suntour, drum brakes and brake levers motorcycle preceded wheel of Joe Breeze, but unfortunately Charlie Kelly recently drove down old frame and this first model remained in oblivion.

In contrast Bike Joe Breeze sparked interest among other "soulmates" Tom Ritchie and Gary Fisher. In 1977-78g. Joe made ten bikes. After that Tom Ritchey wheels assembled several of the new species and asked Gary Fisher to sell them in Marin as Tom could not find their buyers in the area where he lived. Thus was born the first company to mountain biking - "Mountain Bikes", created by Gary Fisher and Charlie Kelly. They even tried to keep that combination of words as a trademark, but their request was rejected.
In fact, the name "mountain bike" appeared earlier. Even the bikers the road "Repack" called cullet her "my mountain bike", to distinguish them from the road wheels ("my road bike"). Subsequently, in 1980. Magazine "Bicycling" make the competition "baptized this wheel" for inventing the name of the new type of bikes, gaining popularity. In this consultation winner was the phrase ATB (All Terrain Bike = wheel all-terrain), but in the coming years, "mountain bike" Get the most popular.
After this beginning, the rest of the history of mountain biking is simply increase his popularity. The reasons for this are more than clear to you, after riding mountain bikes.

Several companies cycling quickly navigate that this type of wheels will become perhaps the most popular in a few years and begin producing mountain bikes. In 1981. Specialized start the first mass-produced mountain bikes - Stump Jumper model cost $ 750. This year in California conducted about a dozen competitions in mountain biking. One year later Shimano launches its first series components for mountain bikes - Deore XT.