North Shore

With the name North Shore is means driving on specific routes of wooden ramps, hanging at different heights above the ground, including turns, jumps and other tests. This is not a separate style and is part of the Freeride and in one of the most difficult.
Cyclists in the region make in such routes long ago, from the time when the wheels were solid. One of the pioneers of the wooden ramps is "Dangerous" Dan Cowan. It is said to be the first rider who passed down a long trunk, just like that, for a change. Then all get crazy about it. Again he was the first who made a slightly longer route of wooden ramps. Until then, there were only small ramps as a rebound or pass over any insurmountable obstacle. One day Dan tired of going through a very muddy area and built a ramp, several meters long and a width of about 50 cm, which was hanging on the trees about half a meter above the ground, passing over swampiest place. Besides that remained dry, he discovered that riding on coltsfoot ramp is something really extreme. And so it began ...
The most typical elements of a North Shore route are as follows:
Simple wooden frames. Something like wooden bridges without side rails, suspended between trees. Their width is of 20 cm up. Height? From 50 cm to over 2 meters! Everything depends on the course - who has done it and for whom it is intended. Overall routes become more difficult because riders more crazy.
Ramps often overlap, but jumping from one ramp to another. When you need to land on something with width 50 cm, however, the jump is hardly easy thing, even if it has a height of 30 cm. But there are such rare.
For more insanity is doing the swings. You know those swings that are like scales - two children sit at each end of the cradle and start the fun. Such swings have in North Shore - leaving the ramp and after passing the middle, she take that leaned down and .... if you die, then will try again!
For lovers of balancing on wooden paths have areas consisting of one board or beam ten centimeters wide, located on the meter or more above the ground.

Again, it is the perfect bends in ramps, often located at a height of 2 meters.
Mandatory element are long trunks. When their bark is not rough enough, they are wrapped with wire mesh to prevent tire slip too much.
For the final track usually has some maddening jump like the one pictured above. Indeed, such is not only the jumps at the end, but also along the entire route. Some of the swings are also designed so that it jumps from them.